Water / Sewer

The Vandalia Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 70 miles of water mains, 3 water towers (totaling 2.5 million gallons), 60 miles of sanitary sewers, 46 miles of storm sewers and related amenities.

Employees / Partnerships

The Public Works Department strives for continued reliable, reasonably priced and environmentally sound provision of utilities to our residents.

Additionally, the City of Vandalia, jointly with the cities of Huber Heights and Tipp City, owns and is responsible for the operation of the North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The cities employ a general manager to oversee the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the plant, under contract to a private company, while also utilizing existing finance and public works staff to advise the manager and joint operating board.

The cities of Vandalia and Tipp City have also joined together to mutually benefit the citizens of their communities by creating a joint venture water authority. The joint venture does business as the Northern Area Water Authority (NAWA) to more accurately reflect its service area. The NAWA operation gives Vandalia the opportunity to exercise more control over water supplies and rates than it would have if it were entirely dependent upon another organization's water system.

Vandalia Water Tower