Water Meter Replacement

The City of Vandalia has begun a multi-year water replacement project that will see every water meter replaced with a new state-of-the-art meter capable of helping residents better manage their water usage. This is a project that is being handled in-house, meaning City of Vandalia Public Works employees will be installing the new meters at your home.

Why are we changing our meters?

The meters currently installed at Vandalia addresses are failing. The batteries meter with no prongsare nearing the end of their lives, and in some cases have already lost their charge. In these cases, residents are self-reporting their water readings.

The new meters utilize cellular technology to send real time usage data to the City of Vandalia Utilities Department. This ensures extremely accurate billing.

Water customers can also utilize an app on their phone to monitor water usage in real time. The EyeOnWater App is available for free download at the App Store and on Google Play. The app can be used to quickly spot unusual spikes in water usage that may be a leaking toilet or a faucet or outdoor spigot left on. 

What do I need to do to receive the new meter?

If your meter is in a pit, usually located in your front lawn, you will not need to do anything to facilitate the replacement of your bill and Vanmeter. As neighborhoods are identified and scheduled for the new meters, crews will simply locate and replace your meter.

If your meter is located inside your home, you will need to work with the Utilities Department to schedule an installation. You will receive a letter that details the program and gives you a number to call to schedule your new meter installation. Your water meter installation technician will be a uniformed City of Vandalia employee who will have an ID badge clearly displayed and will arrive in a market City of Vandalia vehicle.

The installation process typically takes less than a half-hour to complete, but variables such as the meter's location inside the home may add time to the process.

By utilizing City staff for the installation, Vandalia will save more than $800,000 in costs versus hiring an outside vendor to do the work.

When will my new meter be installed?

The installation of new meters will take place in phases over a number of years. The first phase of 600 meters is currently underway. We will continue installing the meters until all 5000+ are installed. Vandalia staff will reach out to homeowners to schedule the new meter installation. A fast reply is appreciated as we are working hard to get the new meters installed in a timely fashion. If we have trouble connecting on the phone, the City will send out a letter explaining the program and why your cooperation is critical.  

Click this link to view the letter.

For questions about Vandalia's Water meter Replacement program, call (937) 415-2231.


Available for free download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, EyeOnWater allows you to connect to your water utility account and see your latest water usage. The app makes it easy to understand how much water you use, detect leaks, and discover trends for when you use the most water.

- Quickly view your recent water usage with a two week comparison.download

- View detailed water usage history by day, week, month, and year.

- Discover your short and long term water usage trends.

- Detect leaks and reduce water waste.

- Easily contact your water utility.

Who can use the app?

EyeOnWater is available to City of Vandalia water customers who have received the new Ultrasonic E-Series G-2 water meter.

Water usage information is provided by your utility through BEACON Customer Engagement, a service provided by Badger Meter, Inc.

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