Façade Improvement Program

Improvements must be visible from the public right of way.

All commercial and mixed-use buildings with active commercial use on first floor are eligible for funding.

See the program guide for a complete list of criteria.

Program Objective

The City of Vandalia desires to help businesses in making improvements to their buildings in order to improve the quality of life for its citizens and foster economic growth in all areas of the City.


Commercial and mixed-use buildings, with active commercial use on the first floor, are eligible to receive Façade Improvement funding. Priority will be given to projects with the highest visibility and impact on public streets.

Program Eligible Improvements:

• Removal of elements that cover architectural details

• Removal and replacement of legally existing obsolete & nonconforming signs

• Repair/replacement of architectural details

• Window replacement of windows visible from the public street

• Awning and door repair or replacement visible from the public street

• Cleaning, repainting and/or repair of façade or siding

Ineligible Improvements:

• Interior Improvements

• Landscaping

• Roof repair/replacement

• Replacement of gutters and downspouts

• Additions or new construction

• Machinery/Equipment

• Projects that are already in progress

Applicants must also meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Own or be a business owner of an eligible building located within the City of Vandalia.

• Improvements must be visible from the public right-of-way

• Must be current on property and Vandalia income taxes and show no delinquencies for the previous 3-year period

• Must show proof of property insurance

• Must have a total project value more than $2,500, or a grant request of $1,250, as the minimum.

• Improvements must be designed to be in scale with and complementary to the existing structure.

• Renovations must comply with all applicable building and zoning codes and all adopted plans.

Grant Amount

Grants are available to cover 50% of the total eligible project costs. No grant shall exceed $15,000. The applicant must use private, non-city funds, to match the City’s Façade Improvement grant. All projects will be subject to inspection and are required to obtain any and all necessary building and/or zoning permits. Grant recipients will be required to show verification of project costs and compliance with approved plans. Funds will be reimbursed upon project completion and all inspections being approved.


1. Applicant must first file an application with the Program Manager. Application must include a budget estimate, an income statement from responsible parties, and a detailed description of the proposed work. Construction drawings can be presented a later date for review, if required.

2. Application will be reviewed by the Vandalia Development Corporation in a public meeting.

3. Upon project approval, Applicant will be asked to obtain and submit three construction estimates.

4. Applicant identifies and selects contractor from among the estimates submitted.

5. Program Manager will conduct weekly site inspections. Any changes in approved work must be reviewed and approved by the Program Manager.

6. After project is completed, Applicant must provide City with documentation of all project costs, with invoices, for all project-related expenses and lien releases from all contractors and subcontractors showing payment has been made.

7. Within 10 days after all post completion documentation is received, the Program Manager will confirm the project has been completed in accordance with the grant application and provide the grant funds to the Applicant.

Denial of Grant

If an application is denied, the reason shall be set forth in writing and provided to the Applicant. Applicant may appeal the denial to the City Manager by filing a written appeal within 10 days after notice of denial setting forth the specific reason Applicant feels the denial was in error. The City Manager shall promptly set a time and place for a hearing and such appeal and notice of such hearing shall be given to the Appellant in person or by mail at the address provided in the application. At any such appeal hearing, the applicant shall have the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses on his or her behalf; may appear and be heard in person, or by his or her attorney. The decision of the City Manager shall be issued within 3 days of the hearing and shall be final and conclusive.

If you have a potential project, please contact the City Manager’s office for information:

Amber Holloway, Program Manager

City of Vandalia

333 James E. Bohanan Memorial Dr.

Vandalia, OH 45377


Façade Improvement Program Application

Façade Improvement Program Guide