Vandalia: Ohio's First Bee City, USA

On November 7, 2016, Vandalia City Council teamed with the Vandalia-Butler Historical Society to become the first “Bee City, USA” in Ohio. 

Bee City USA Program

You may not know that one in every three bites of food we eat is courtesy of insect pollination. Equally important, 90 percent of all wild plants and trees rely on pollinators for the survival of their species. In 2007, honey bee colonies in the U.S. started disappearing, and beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike became very concerned. 

Because honey bee populations are declining at an annual rate of 44 percent or more, Bee City USA fosters ongoing dialogue in urban areas to raise awareness of the role pollinators, not just honey bees, play in our communities and what each of us can do to provide them with healthy habitat. 

The Bee City USA program endorses a set of commitments for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet. We’re proud to say that Vandalia, Ohio is taking a leadership role in protecting our vital food supply by making our part of the world safe for pollinators.

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