Public Art in Vandalia

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Items of Interest

  • 2012 -  Brochure on Vandalia Area Public and Private Art (PDF)
  • 2011 - Vandalia unveiled five sculptures that were installed and dedicated in an "art crawl" ceremony with a day of art related activities.
  • 2010 - Vandalia "Chiseled" (PDF), a Stone Sculpture Symposium, took place in September 2010 on the grounds of the Vandalia Recreation Center. Five sculptors worked daily on their projects over a two-week period while the public was invited to come out and watch. The finished pieces have been placed throughout the City.


2022 - Call to Artist - Sculpture for Vandalia Art Park

2021 - Triad Sculpture - In progress

2019 - Bottlecap Totems at Vandalia Art Park - 10 pieces form the Entry Totems to the park. The committee collected bottle caps and local citizens adhered the caps to PVC pipe in their own design.

2016 - "Heavy Metal" Community Sculpture Project -

2011 - Chiseled "Unveiled" - Five sculptures were installed with an event at each installation site.

2010 - Vandalia "CHISELED" Stone Sculpture Symposium - Vandalia "Chiseled" (PDF)

Vandalia "CHISELED", a Stone Sculpture Symposium, was held during the City of Vandalia's 50th Anniversary. The Public Art in Vandalia (PAIV) dedicated the five limestone sculptures created during Vandalia "Chiseled" throughout Vandalia during an "art crawl" on September 18, 2011. The locations of the sculptures are as follows:

  • "Bellwether" by Todd Frahm will be placed at the Vandalia Recreation Center.
  • "Sunset" by Lasha Khidasheli will be located on the front lawn of the Vandalia Justice Center.
  • "Inward and Outward: All in All" by John Leon will be placed at Cassel Hills Golf Course.
  • "Last Love VI" by Patrick Sullivan will be located at Seger Park.
  • "At Play in Geologic Time" by Matthew Weir will be placed in Lichtenfels Park.

For more information or to join in any upcoming art activities, please Contact Candice Farst or call 937-266-9066.


Vandalia Chiseled was a two-week stone sculpture symposium featuring five nationally-recognized sculptors, who used the Vandalia Recreation Center south lot as their artist's studio and large blocks of Indiana limestone as their canvas. The limestone blocks were delivered on Wednesday, August 25. The blocks had been cut to the artist's specifications prior to delivery. Looking at these big blocks of stone, it takes real imagination to envision what they will become under the artists' hands.

At the opening ceremonies, held on Saturday, September 4, 2010, the artists were introduced to the community and they explained the thought process behind their designs. A big component of the Stone Sculpture Symposium was the education element. Throughout the two-week period, school kids visited to watch the artists at work. When the symposium was over, every class in Kindergarten through 6th grade in Vandalia-Butler Schools and St. Christopher Elementary School had visited the site. The children asked questions and learned what it takes to be a sculptor. They were also able to try their hand at chiseling.

The symposium featured four blocks of limestone designed expressly for visitors to chisel away at. One factor that took many by surprise was the amount of dust created by the sculptors. Much of the cutting and filing and sanding that took place produced large amounts of fine limestone dust. The artists used high-pressure air hoses to get the dust off before leaving at the end of the day.

As the first week wrapped up, many of the pieces were already beginning to take shape. The artists taking part in Chiseled had a very busy schedule. They worked from 9 am to 6 pm every night. In the evenings, they were immersed in the Vandalia community, meeting civic groups and organizations and playing the role of diplomat.

At the closing ceremonies, each artist was invited to speak about their piece and explain the thought process behind it. A good crowd was on hand to get a first-hand look at the finished pieces.


This project was made possible through the generous participation of many individuals, organizations, and businesses. The Public Art in Vandalia Committee was the inspiration and force behind this event. The City of Vandalia's City Manager's Office, along with the Vandalia Parks and Recreation Department and the Vandalia Public Works Division, were essential for the success of Vandalia "Chiseled.". The list of sponsors are as follows:

Major Sponsors

  • Public Art in Vandalia Program
  • Vandalia Cultural Arts Program
  • City of Vandalia
  • DP& L Foundation
  • Montgomery County Arts and Culture District
  • Vectren Foundation
  • Vandalia-Butler Foundation
  • Ohio Arts Council

Community Sponsors ($500 to $900)

  • Crossroads Coins, Inc.
  • Lion Apparel, Inc.
  • Ken's Pharmacy
  • Woods Financial Group
  • Rotary Club of Vandalia

Friends of Vandalia Sponsors ($100 to $499)

  • Waffle House
  • Lee Hendricks, DDS
  • Morton and Whetstone Funeral Home
  • Orville Cotterman Fund
  • My Favorite Pet Vandalia Animal Clinic
  • Manufactured Assemblies Corp.
  • Eurand, Inc.
  • Arlene Setzer
  • Spieles Insurance
  • Universal 1 Credit Union
  • Ken and Candice Farst
  • Vandalia Lioness Club
  • Optimist Club of Vandalia
  • McDonald's
  • Vandalia Optometry
  • Liza Pond Orthodontics

Citizens for Vandalia Art (Up to $99)

  • Kevin and Julie Larger
  • Steven Reed Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Jim Weller
  • Jeff and Jennifer Hoagland
  • January Flynn-Abbey Credit Union
  • Ms. Rose Chin
  • Houser Asphalt

Thank you to the following individuals for their participation in this event:

  • Jon Hudson
  • Connie Campbell
  • Thomas Macaulay
  • Amy Brier
  • Jane Black
  • Steve Mahoney
  • Emily Esau
  • Andy Amlin
  • Lee Hendricks, DDS

Thank you to the following organizations and businesses for their contributions:

  • Vandalia-Butler City Schools
  • Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler
  • Charleston Woods Subdivision
  • At Peace Massage and Wellness
  • Stillwater Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Drury Inn
  • WINgs
  • City of Dayton
  • Coldwater Cafe
  • World Cafe
  • BSA Troop Number 466
  • Vandalia-Butler Chamber of Commerce
  • Vandalia Senior Citizens Center
  • Hearth and Home Assisted Living
  • Original Rib House
  • Sister Cities of Vandalia
  • Waste Management, Inc.
  • Vandalia Drummer News
  • Schuerholz Printing
  • Liberty Savings Bank
  • Independent Limestone

Members of Public Art in Vandalia

The following are members of PAIV:

  • Heather Combs
  • Candice Farst
  • Corey M. Follick

The Artists at Work