Fire Prevention Services

Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB)

The Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to reducing fire loss, injury, and death caused by fires, and to making your living experience within the city a safe one. The Fire Prevention Bureau employs many strategies to accomplish the Division's safety goals. Request this program.

CPR / AED / First Aid Classes

The Division of Fire is pleased to offer CPR, AED, and First Aid training to the civic groups and businesses in our community. If you would like to arrange a program please call 937-898-2261 to schedule your training. Request this program.

Lock Boxes

The Vandalia Fire Division will assist in the process of ordering and installing a lockbox on businesses and residences at your request. This feature makes entry to a business or home easier should the Fire Division be called for a medical or fire emergency. For more information on obtaining a lockbox and installation procedures, call 937-898-2261. Request this program.

Smoke Detector Program

The Vandalia Fire Division will check or install a smoke detector at your residence at your request. This feature has proven to be a lifesaver for many families. Call 937-898-2261 to schedule a check or installation of your smoke detector. Request this program.

Special Appearances & Tours

The Division of Fire is always at your service. If you would like to have the Division of Fire appear at a special function, or if you would like to schedule a fire station visit, please call 937-898-2261, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. Sparky the Fire Dog is available upon special request. Request this program.

Fire Drills & Exit Drills in the Home

Learn what to do when the fire alarm goes off. Whether you are at work, school, or home, it is important to be prepared in the event of a fire. When the alarm sounds, get out and stay out

Fire doesn't make an appointment to invade your property. That is why it is critical for everyone to practice a "fire drill" at home. At least twice a year (two different seasons) you should sound the smoke detector and practice your escape plan including escaping through your secondary exit. Make sure everyone in your household knows where your meeting spot is outside so that everyone knows that no one is left behind. View the Home Fire Escape Drill from the State of Ohio Fire Marshal's office. Remember, never re-enter a burning building, the result could be deadly. Request this program.

Fire Safety Inspections

The Division's Fire Prevention Bureau works year-round conducting routine fire safety inspections for all business occupancies within the city. Enforcing codes established by the State of Ohio and the City of Vandalia, the bureau makes recommendations and assists occupants with fire safety and emergency action planning. Request this program.

Code Enforcement

The objective of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to educate those we come in contact with before there is a problem. The intent of the fire code is to protect those that live, work, play or visit our city. The code enforcement team is committed to providing proactive enforcement of these codes by developing courteous and professional business relationships with the public, contractors, business owners, and residents of the city. Request this program.

Building Plan Review

A vital part of the code enforcement process is building plan review. The Fire Prevention Bureau works very closely with the City's Building Division on all commercial building construction projects. Vandalia is proud to be a trendsetter in the State of Ohio for "one-stop-shop and coordinated inspections." Request this program.

Pre-Fire Planning

The bureau conducts annual evaluations of all business occupancies within the city putting together a pre-fire action plan to be used by the Division of Fire during emergency responses. This identification process promotes rapid identification of special hazards within a structure and allows the Division of Fire to more rapidly deploy firefighting and emergency medical resources, ultimately improving life, safety, and property conservation. Request this program.

Public Education Programs

The Fire Prevention Bureau considers public education to be one of its top priorities. On average each year, the bureau reaches thousands of customers ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors. The Division will develop a safety program that meets the needs of your group, just call 937-898-2261 Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Request this program.


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