Business Crime Prevention

The Vandalia Division of Police (VPD) prides itself on keeping its residents and businesses safe and crime-free. The VPD offers several programs to help owners improve the safety and security of their business. For more information on any of these programs, please contact Rich Sommer, Crime Prevention Officer.

About the Bad Check Policy

It has been reported that 90% of money transactions in the United States take place by means of credit cards and checks. Unfortunately, bad checks account for more than a billion dollars in losses each year. With odds like that, it's likely that you, as a merchant, have been the victim of a bad check at one time or another.

If you receive a bad check, the first thing you need to do is attempt to notify the party that issued the check. If you are able to contact them by phone, advise them that the check was returned and must be paid within ten days of this notification. In addition, send a certified letter with a return receipt requested to the address listed on the check. Be sure to record dates and times of all contacts or attempted contacts and keep copies of mail receipts for letters sent. 

If you have exhausted these means trying to collect on a bad check, then it is time to contact the police. Call the Vandalia Division of Police at 937-898-5868 to make a bad check complaint. The VPD is not a collection agency, so it is necessary that you intend to follow through with criminal prosecution. In order to successfully prosecute for bad checks, you'll need the following:

  • The original check (not a copy)
  • The bank flag or official notification of the dishonor
  • Name, address and telephone number of the person who accepted the check and who can identify the maker or presenter. If the suspect cannot be identified, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to prosecute.
  • A complete record of dates, times, contacts or attempted contact made with the issuer about the returned check. This must include the name(s) of the person who made or attempted to make contact. Keep any receipts showing that certified letters were sent and/or received by the check issuer as well as a copy of your letter requesting payment.
  1. Active Shooter Training
  2. Business Security Surveys
  3. Private Property Tow-Away Zones
  4. Other Programs Offered

About the Active Shooter Training

The Vandalia Division of Police conducts active shooter response training for businesses, groups and individuals. The Crime Prevention Officer is a trainer through the Miami Valley Crime Prevention Association in Run, Hide, Fight training. 

Active shooter incidents have been on the rise in the United States. With this problem, the Vandalia Division of Police addresses and prepares business and individuals should this unfortunate circumstance arise. 

The training lasts about an hour and includes demonstrations/scenarios. If you are interested in the training, contact Rich Sommer, Crime Prevention Officer.