Youth Athletics

Youth Athletics Mission Statement

Provide positive athletic opportunities with a learning environment that is safe and fair.


Check out this great article written by Butler High School Athletic Director, Jordan Shumaker (PDF). He enlightens us about kids playing multiple sports with some really great educational information! 

Youth Sports Sponsorship Opportunity

Looking for a youth sports sponsorship opportunity?

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Baseball Umpire Information

Looking to earn some extra money? Baseball/Softball umpire may be the job for you! All classes are mandatory and will be held at the Vandalia Senior Center. No fee is required to obtain certification. If you would like further information please email Dave Posma or 657-3838. Must be 14 years old by April 25th, 2020.

SundayMarch 16 to 7:30 pm
March 86 to 7:30 pm
March 156 to 7:30 pm
March 226 to 7:30 pm

Remain Healthy & Injury-Free

For those athletes that do specialize in their sport, read the following flyer for information on how to remain healthy and injury-free

Youth Sport Specialization Flyer